In lieu of paying annual membership dues, a graduate, company or friend of the organization may elect a Lifetime Membership by making a one-time donation which entitles them to all benefits of an alumni membership and more. Monies donated through Lifetime Memberships are invested in the Leadership New Mexico Endowment Fund.

In 2009, Leadership New Mexico established an endowment fund for the future of the organization. The purpose of the endowment is to provide a permanent source of income to offset administrative expenses, which will allow the organization to focus its fundraising efforts exclusively on program expenses. The endowment also serves as a financial cushion against lean times to ensure that Leadership New Mexico’s mission will be sustained in perpetuity.

Gifts to Leadership New Mexico Endowment Fund are a fully tax-deductible, charitable donation.  You can pay the $2,500 Lifetime Membership in full, or spread out the Lifetime Membership in two-year to five-year installments. You also have the option of making a donation through Untied Way.

For more information about how to become a Lifetime Member or about the Leadership New Mexico Endowment Fund, call the Leadership New Mexico office at 505-398-1500 or click on the registration form below. To date, there are 174 Lifetime Members.

Lifetime Member Benefits

  • Invited to “Lifetime Member Only” events.
  • Your spouse or guest may attend alumni “member only” tours and special events.
  • Receive priority seating at the Annual Dinner.
  • Receive special recognition on the LNM website, in the annual Accomplishments Brochure, and other printed materials.
  • Receive discounts to LNM alumni education programs and special events throughout the year.
  • Receive the quarterly newsletter, Leadership Link, which will keep you informed of events, recent happenings with alumni, and other developments.
  • Lifetime Member Photo
  • Receive a unique Lifetime Membership etched glass business card holder.
  • Know that 100% of your Lifetime Membership will be applied to the Endowment Fund.