Leadership New Mexico | Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

2014-2015 Local Government Curriculum Committee

Ms. Claire Burroughs
LGLP Class of 2013

Legislative & Community Development Director
City of Clovis

Local Government Leadership Program Chairman

Mr. Scott Eckstein
LGLP Class of 2004 and Core Class of 2011

County Commissioner
San Juan County

Ms. Gemma Ferguson
LGLP Class of 2012

Chief Deputy Assessor
Eddy County

Ms. Tamara Gutierrez
LGLP Class of 2011

City Councilor, District 3
City of Rio Rancho

Mr. Steve Harris
LGLP Class of 2011

Chaves County

Mr. Michael Jaramillo
LGLP Class of 2011

Director Community Services Department
Village of Los Lunas

Chief Mike Kovacs
LGLP Class of 2012

Chief of Police
City of Bloomfield

Local Government Leadership Program

Ms. Debra Krikorian
LGLP Class of 2010

Scientific Consultant

Mr. Mark Pfetzer
LGLP Class of 2013

San Juan County Sheriff's Office

Ms. Darlene Rosprim
LGLP Class of 2009

County Clerk
Eddy County

Mr. Arturo Sanchez
LGLP Class of 2013

Chief Deputy Treasurer
Chaves County

Mr. Curtis Schrader
LGLP Class of 2008 and Core Class of 2010

City Manager
City of Jal

Mr. Dan Stoddard
LGLP Class of 2010 and Core Class of 2007

City Council

Ms. Jenny Vincent
Connect Class of 2012

Program Director
Leadership New Mexico

Ms. Delilah Walsh
LGLP Class of 2010

County Manager
Socorro County

Mayor Matt White
LGLP Class of 2007 and Core Class of 2010

City of Eunice